• RightNote

    Become more organized

    RightNote will help you get a grip on information overload. It allows you store all bits and pieces of information in a single place and then search through all your data to find what you're looking for almost instantly!
    With RightNote you'll know where to store all those little bits of information and find them too. Includes lots of useful features.

    • Latest version: 6.4.2
      Release date: 24 Jun 2024

      Standard ($29.95) and
      Professional ($59.95)

Note Organiser Software that works. Manage information more effectively by…

Having a single place to store your notes. When you are confronted with new information you immediately know where to put it.

Ability to store different types of information in a single place. RightNote can handle text, html, financial data, source code, general lists, to-do lists, contact lists, etc…

Know where to find your information. If you put your information in a single place then you’ll know where to find it!

Efficient workspace and workflow. Keep RightNote minimised to the system tray: when needed activate with a global hotkey shortcut, when no longer needed minimise with the escape key.

Unique Features


After purchasing the product you will be sent an email with a registration code (serial number) that unlocks the trial version, and allows you to continue using the program. Registered users receive free updates for a period of 12 months. Payment is made via FastSpring who provide safe and secure handling of the transaction.

FREE $ 29.95
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Since installing it, I find RightNote rapidly becoming my goto database.  It’s light on resources, clean, and extremely feature rich while remaining simple and easy to use and learn.

Bo Grimes

I have tried more organizing programs over the past 20 years than I could begin to count (not kidding) and have rarely used them longer than a month. RightNote is helping me work, organize important data, and finally write that book I have been putting off for years.


The combination of Spreadsheet and Notebook, combined with Tabs, is something I was looking for all my life. Furthermore the program has all the features a busy person like me needs to get things done, very easy to use. At last I can organize my work as it should be organized.

Lajos Luif

Just a quick note of support saying I love RightNote. I’ve been looking for a quick notes manager with the ability to password protect specific notes, to have on my USB key, but so far I’ve not been satisfied with what I’ve found. That is, until I tried RightNote.

Anders Holm Lauritsen