RightNote Release History

24 June 2024, version 6.4.2

– New search option: Search within subtree
– Added dropdown next to search button to select search scope
– Remove search scope options from search options pane
– Fix: Bookmark clipper would hang in some cases with Firefox browser
– Some other fixes

28 March 2024, version 6.4.1

– Added some actions to Tag Results pane:
– Show notes without tags
– Print Results and Export Results (This will print out the note captions as well as the note contents for the listed notes)
– Improved: The portable version now saves temporary files under the portable folder location
– Some fixes for high DPI

31 December 2023, version 6.4.0

– New Application Icon
– Improved: Format code snippet in Richview note:
– Designed to format code with minimal keystrokes
– Select from a number of beautiful light and dark code highlighter themes
– Added help topic: see Main topics->Richview editor->Format code snippet
– Fix unicode handling in Evernote sync
– Important fix for Evernote note that contains encrypted text

28 November 2023, version 6.3.1

– Added: Paste bookmarks (Pro version)
– Added help topic explaining usage (under Main topics->Richview editor)

22 Nov 2023, version 6.3.0

– New feature: Insert bookmarks (Pro version)
– Insert a list of Youtube links as bookmarks into a note or the tree
– Bookmarks now include the Youtube thumbnail
– See help topic for more information (under Main topics->Richview editor)
– Added Youtube functions:
– Insert Video Transcript, Insert Video Description (Pro version)
– Added help topic explaining Insert Youtube transcript

14 Aug 2023, version 6.2.0

– New feature: Templates
– Added help topic to explain usage (under Main topics-> Assorted topics)
– Added new option in Note properties to set child note type
– Fixed compatibility with Windows 11 ARM
– Updated DB version
– Hint: You can update all your notebooks from the File->Maintenance->Update All Notebooks action

10 May 2023, version 6.1.1

– Important Fix: Editing note content in Side Tree was not saved
– Add option for Journal Tree: Dim sub journal notes (see Options->Tree (Journal))
– Improve keyboard access/usage for Add New Note dialog in Journal Tree
– Fix: Sometimes note caption (in tree) would not go into edit mode, when adding a new note

8 March 2023, version 6.1.0

– New feature: Side Trees (Pro version only), easily move notes between trees
– Added help topic explaining usage of Side Trees (under Main topics->Assorted topics)
– Added Journal note caption formatting option. See new “Tree (journal)” section in Options dialog
– Fix: ENG-US keyboard was added during application run if not present
– Fix: Error when press cancel in File password dialog
– Some flicker fixes
– Floating Tree tool has been removed
– Updated DB version
– Hint: Remember you can update all your notebooks from File->Maintenance->Update All Notebooks

8 January 2023, version 6.0.0

– New feature: Split Tree (Pro version only), menu item in Tree options toolbar and also in the Tree menu (i.e. right-click) under “Actions”
– Added help topic explaining usage of Split Tree (under Main topics->Assorted topics)
– In search options, added a new option to search for “words near each other”, and you can specify the near word count
– In Tree menu, added the option to copy full path of selected nodes to the clipboard

17 November 2022, version 5.9.1

– New setting: Max image size (under Options->Editors->Richview)
– This setting is used in a Richview note when pasting an image, it will automatically shrink the image below this value.
– Double-clicking on an image in a Richview note, will open the image in a dialog, which allows you to view the image at full width.
– Added an important section in the Help file (under FAQ), explaining how to repair a corrupt database, and also specific recommendations for when placing a database in a cloud syncing folder.
– A few bug fixes

23 October 2022, version 5.9.0

– Updated source code control
– Added support for over 30 programming languages including: Bash, Clojure, Elm, Dart, F#, Kotlin, Log file, R and YAML
– Added a number of new source code themes including Obsidian, Monokai Distilled and Windows 11 Dark
– Added Windows 11 Light and Dark application themes

27 July 2022, version 5.8.4

– Added Settings backup function
– See “Application settings backup” help topic for more details (under Main topics->Options)
– Improvements to the Page Transfer dialog (larger icons, only 2 stations by default)
– Use a more subtle read-only icon
– Some small fixes

8 February 2022, version 5.8.3

– Fix: When adding an outline/task note, buttons in the second tree were disabled
– Fix: Font comboboxes sometimes disappeared when using old (classic) styles

31 January 2022, version 5.8.2

– Fix: Locating last position in the tree was not working since last release
– Fix for Ctrl+V was not working in tables

25 January 2022, version 5.8.1

– New: Setting note caption to “-” (a dash), will display a horizontal line in the tree
– Added help topic to describe its usage (Assorted topics->Horizontal separator in the tree)
– A few fixes for printing source code notes
– Fix display issue when Outline note is also a project
– Fix expand button in tree for high DPI
– Fix: Ctrl+V would not work in Find bar
– A few other fixes

25 November 2021, version 5.8.0

– New Task Management features:
– Added task related properties for each note, such as priority, start date and due date [Pro version]
– If a note is marked as a “Project”, then a progress indicator (pie) will show the overall percent completed of child tasks
– Set task properties via Task Properties dialog (Ctrl+T when Tree has focus)
– “Task” submenu in Tree popup, can be used for quick setting of some task properties
– Tree now supports a mix of notes with checkboxes (i.e. tasks) and notes without checkboxes
– Various task properties (such as priority and due date) are indicated in the tree
– Simplify Tree popup menu by adding an “Actions” submenu item, which contains sort, collapse, hoist and other actions
– Added some help topics related to new task features (See under “Tasks” section)
– (Note: Further task related features such as reminder alerts are planned for upcoming versions)
– Updated DB version

30 September 2021, version 5.7.0

– New feature: SingleFile integration
– See help topic for more information (under Main topics->Assorted topics)
– Reworked Recent notes view (when clicking history icon in the Tree)
– Improved tree loading speed
– Improved tag search speed
– Renamed “Search bar” to “Find bar” (in help file)
– In the Find bar: Pressing ENTER twice at the end of a search will restart the search
– Fix: “Database is locked” error
– Some other fixes

22 August 2021, version 5.6.3

– Fix: Bookmark thumbnail image was upside down since last release

16 August 2021, version 5.6.2

– New search bar for Richview note, with more comfortable search function
– Search bar shows matches count, and search hit position
– Add a short help topic (Main topics->Richview editor->Search bar)
– Fix error which would occur when changing themes

12 July 2021, version 5.6.1

– A few fixes for Dark Mode

1 June 2021, version 5.6.0

– New feature: A PDF file can now be saved directly from the browser into a new note as an attachment or link. (Use the usual webpage hotkey. Pro version only)
– Added: source file name will now be shown in the source link when clipping from a PDF
– Added Zoom menu items (under View->Zoom)
– Zoom In with hotkey Ctrl+Num +, and out with Ctrl+Num –
– Fix: Correctly display “&” char in page tabs. (& can no longer be used as a keyboard accelerator in tabs)
– Fix parsing of large YouTube playlists
– Fix normal search in memo note
– A few other fixes

24 February 2021, version 5.5.1

– Add “Insert Equation” action for Richview note
– Fix: Quick Internal Link for Spreadsheet note
– Fix bug when edit Tag caption

12 January 2021, version 5.5.0

– New feature: Added the ability to zoom in Richview note type
– Faster and more reliable docx file (Microsoft Word) import
– Added help topic: Richview zoom function (under Main topics->Richview editor)
– Fix: Sometimes an error would occur when clipping from Internet Explorer

22 November 2020, version 5.4.3

– Improvement: Include note background color when export Richview to Html or Webbook
– Fix: Capturing bookmark title was broken in latest version of Firefox (v83)

18 October 2020, version 5.4.2

– Added the ability to set bullet list defaults
– Updated help topic “Richview List/Bullets Defaults” (under Tools)
– Added option: Restore hotkey toggles minimize application (Options->Main->Global Hotkeys)
– Fix annoying bug where application would prompt for password when minimizing the application and no changes had been made
– Fix bug in Treepad file import
– Some small fixes

24 August 2020, version 5.4.1

– Important fix: Entering license key was not working correctly
– Fix display glitch: Header panel displays very large font when app first starts
– Some fixes for Youtube playlist parsing

17 August 2020, version 5.4.0

– New feature: Insert Youtube Playlist [Pro version]
– Allows you to insert a Youtube playlist into a Richview or Spreadsheet note or into the note Tree
– Added help topic explaining this feature under Main->Assorted Topics
– Added the option to insert custom html header or footer when exporting to html, including when export to webbook
– Added help topic under Main Topics->File functions->Import/Export
– Fix for web capture from Edge browser

23 June 2020, version 5.3.5

– New option: Tree icon size (16×16, 20×20, 24×24), see View->Toolbars
– Fix: For note thumbnail, handle case where first image in a richview note is a jpeg

22 March 2020, version 5.3.4

– Increase checkbox size for High DPI
– Important fix: Evernote authorization did not work consistently

12 March 2020, version 5.3.3

– Important fix: Thumbnail image would be lost after specific sequence of events (add after delete)
– Fix: Include Task List notes in search results when using Normal search mode
– Add Navigate Backwards/Forwards actions to the View menu

5 March 2020, version 5.3.2

– Updated icons in Icon Manager
– Add support to clip from Brave browser
– Fix: Some fonts would automatically change when entering Cyrillic text into a spreadsheet cell

13 February 2020, version 5.3.1

– New feature: Note thumbnails in tree [Pro version]
– Added help topic: Note thumbnails (under Main topics->Assorted)
– Fix: Moving a group of notes left in the tree would reverse their order
– Fix for dark theme in Quick Internal Link dialog
– Fix for dark theme in Richview note for selected text
– Added error handling when updating the global database index
– Updated notebook file version

20 January 2020, version 5.2.3

– Important fix for the Global database index
– The existing Global database index can be refreshed via Help->Debug->Refresh Global Index
– Improved keyboard access for Go to Page dialog (use up and down arrows to select desired page, and then press Enter to go to that page)
– When creating a new Richview note, the default Paragraph setting will be applied (in addition to the default font)
– Added General setting: Close floating note viewer when click on link
– Added an auto repair routine when running a File Health Report
– Fix: Clipping a bookmark to a note within an outline note was not working correctly
– Fix: Copy/Paste between spreadsheets was broken since 5.1.0

19 November 2019, version 5.2.2

– Group tags together by first two letters when filter tags in Global Tags Search dialog
– Fix web clipper for recent version of Chrome
– Add option to exclude specific files from the Global database index (See Help->Debug->Global Skip File List)
– Fix indexing of .docx files

26 September 2019, version 5.2.1

– Improved rendering and performance in Global note history and Global search dialogs

17 September 2019, version 5.2.0

– New feature: Global tags search.
– Search for tags across all your notebooks [Pro version only]
– New feature: Global note history.
– See a list of recently used notes across all notebooks [Pro version only]
– Added menu items under Tools, and also under “Go to Page” toolbar item
– Added help topics to explain the use of these global functions
– See in help file: Main Topics->Tools->Global functions
– Important change for Firefox browser: By default, web address is not included in bookmarks, and webpage capture is disabled
– This must be specifically enabled in the browser settings (see: Tools->Options->Browser)
– Add “Update All Notebooks” action (under File->Maintenance)
– Fix: Correct filename when export attachment in Webbook Export
– Fix: Indexing the content of .docx files was broken since v5.0
– Updated file version

25 August 2019, version 5.1.2

– New: Use modern style system dialogs
– Fix: Find dialog keyboard shortcuts now work correctly
– Update “Export to Webbook” note links to work with most recent browser versions
– Some fixes relating to main window behaviour
– Fix: Error when loading content in Spreadsheet note
– Fix: Large space would show under toolbar if main window was maximised

7 August 2019, version 5.1.1

– Added some error handling for when loading a spreadsheet note
– Fix small text font in title bar when start application maximised

31 July 2019, version 5.1.0

– New feature: Go to page dialog
– Added support for right to left text
– Added help topic: Go to page dialog (under assorted topics)
– Added help topic: Right to left text (under Richview editor)
– Added splash screen on application startup
– Added option: show splash screen (Startup options)
– Added spreadsheet option: Touch style scrollbars (Spreadsheet options)
– Added “Reset right margin” button (Richview options)
– A few fixes

12 June 2019, version 5.0.0

– Added support for High DPI resolutions
– Crisp clear fonts and icons on high DPI
– Added 32×32 and 48×48 Toolbar icons (View->Toolbars)
– Added “User Interface Fonts” dialog (a single location to adjust UI font settings)
– Important fix to Webpage & Evernote note types (now uses the latest version of IE on the computer)
– Added some dark themes
– Added tree option “Show horizontal scroll bar”
– Various performance improvements especially when displaying Task List note type
– A few bug fixes

7 January 2019, version 4.9.2

– Add support to download svg images for web clipper
– Add support for indexing unicode text in PDF attachments
– Add a number of new light themes
– Blizzard Blue, Flat UI Light and Solitude are light modern themes that work well on Windows 10

16 December 2018, version 4.9.1

– Improvements to web clipper (downloading images)
– Fix: Could not edit tags for a note in an outline (since 4.8.2)
– Fix: Moving quickly in the tree past a webpage note could result in an error (Cannot create file “C:\index.html”. Access is denied)
– Fix: Importing an html file as a richview note would incorrectly report an error

4 December 2018, version 4.9.0

– New feature: Specialized print/preview dialog for spreadsheet notes
– Added actions to spreadsheet note to help produce a consistent appearance (esp. after upgrade from old spreadsheet format), including:
– Reset all fonts to default
– Reset row heights to default
– Reset cell alignments
– Added help topics explaining these new actions:
Default settings, Resetting old properties, Reducing fonts, Showing format information, Printing spreadsheet notes (under Different note types->Spreadsheet)
– Added spreadsheet options: Include gridlines, and use Richview engine when printing a single note
– Added default font setting for spreadsheet note
– Rename “Ignore Right Margin” setting to “Fixed Text Width”
– Fix an AV that was occuring on some systems for versions 4.8.2-4.8.4
– A few other fixes

15 November 2018, version 4.8.4

– Fix: Editing hyperlinks inline would result in an error (since 4.8.2)

12 November 2018, version 4.8.3

– Fix error when adding/editing a note in the Calendar view

12 November 2018, version 4.8.2

– Added action for Richview note: Remove all bookmarks (under Edit menu)
– Added new option for Richview: Ignore Right Margin (by default false). This changes the previous behaviour of the right margin.
– Added new option in Tree settings: Add new child/sibling notes at top
– Enhancement: When click on Universal link it will be routed to correct instance if running multiple instances
– Fix: When clipping to a notebook that is opened in another instance, that notebook will be saved before the clipper executes
– Fix: Bookmarks are removed before adding a web clip
– A number of smaller fixes

23 October 2018, version 4.8.1

– Added “Show notes with broken links” action (under Maintenance).
– Added: Triggering an external link will bring RightNote to the foreground.
– Fix: An error would occur in UpdateLinks if the target note no longer existed.

21 October 2018, version 4.8.0

– Added the ability to link to a specific RN note from an external application.
– Added the ability to link to a specific paragraph within a note.
– Added “Update Links” action (under Maintenance). This updates existing internal links to the newer link format.
– Added help topics:
File functions -> Maintenance -> Update Links. Please read for more details.
Assorted topics -> External links.
– The Tree popup “Transfer” sub menu, was renamed to “Clipboard”.
– Fix: Links are preserved when the target note is moved to another page.
– Fix: A memory leak was introduced in 4.7, noticable when adding a large number of notes.

9 October 2018, version 4.7.2

– Important fix in calendar: If the note caption was showing an ellipsis, this could affect the underlying note caption.
– Fix: Search current page only option was broken since 4.7.0.
– Fix: Webbook export did not correctly export certain note captions. This would result in search not working.
– Fix: Treepad import did not handle plain text note type correctly.

20 September 2018, version 4.7.1

– Fix: Update dialog incorrectly reported that a paid upgrade would be required for a lifetime license.
– Fix: In the Global search dialog: search did not start if the search term was less than 3 chars (and press Enter).
– Fix in previous version for scrolling on iOS devices was not complete. Now it is fixed.

16 September 2018, version 4.7.0

– New feature: Global search dialog (Pro version)
– Added help topic: Global search dialog (under Main topics->Tools)
– Replace “Exact phrase” search option, with a drop down list containing 3 different search logic options (i.e. AND, OR and EXACT)
– Enhanced display of History lists
– Fix: Sorting cells in spreadsheet did not include the cell styles
– Fix: Export to Webbook did not work correctly with unicode text
– Fix scrolling on iOS devices for exported Webbook

5 August 2018, version 4.6.1

– Add option “Save unfiled clips under a Clippings note” (in Clipper Options)
– Updated help topic: Clipper dialog (You cannot clip to a protected page, except in a specific case)
– Some fixes and extra handling in Clipper dialog
– The “Check for updates” dialog will now display a message if the current license will not work for the new version
– Fix lag when add a new note in large trees
– Fix error in Default Tags dialog
– Fix: Ctrl+Alt+H did not go to history page
– Some bug fixes

30 July 2018, version 4.6.0

– New feature: Clipper dialog – quickly and easily file away new clips (Pro version)
– Added help topic: Clipper dialog (under Main topics -> Clipper)
– Added option in Tags panel right click menu: Include Auto Tags (if unchecked, Folder tags will not be included in results)
– Changed the settings storage path for portable version. Some settings will revert to default.
– Removed the Richview “Unicode support” setting. (Unicode support is now always enabled)
– Some speed improvements in the Tree
– Fix unicode handling in Calendar view

17 June 2018, version 4.5.0

– New File Maintenance section (under File menu)
– Repair damaged database (which is rare, but can happen)
– Folder health report
– How to proceed when forgotten note password
– Show list of all protected notes
– Added help topics: File Functions -> Maintenance
– Various enhancements for Dark Theme:
– 7 new dark themes
– Various dark icons (e.g. Bold, Italics) are fixed for dark theme
– Disabled icons are now easier to see in dark theme
– In Richview note, hyperlinks are displayed with “Dark Theme Link Color” – a new setting under Editors -> Richview settings
– Auto adjust bookmark cell colors for dark theme
– Improved page load speed for large trees
– Some bug fixes

27 May 2018, version 4.4.4

– Added word wrap action for source code note type
– Added source code note option: Allow cursor past end of text (Options->Editors->Source code)
– Fix: Richedit note was not using latest version of Windows Richedit control
– Fix: Incomplete display of hot key text in Global Hotkey settings on some systems
– Fix: Problem clipping unicode text on Japanese Windows
– Fix: Text color display in Tags dialog drop down list
– Some smaller fixes

13 May 2018, version 4.4.3

– Added setting: Firefox empty address bar text (Options->Main->Browser)
– Added important help topic: Webpage capture in Firefox (under Main->Clipper)
– Fix: Webpage/bookmark capture in Firefox (broken in v60)
– Fix: “Could not load SSL library” error would occur when trying to download a webpage on some Windows 10 systems
– Fix: Copy to clipboard in Spreadsheet would add a non-visible character to the clipboard content
– Fix: Distorted text display in Icon Manager – Iconset list

1 May 2018, version 4.4.2

– Add Horizontal Line color option (Options->Editors->Richview)
– Fix: Error would occur when move quickly past an outline note in the tree
– Fix: Copy/Paste between two spreadsheets was not working
– Fix behaviour of Enter key in the spreadsheet
– Fix: Certain tree hotkeys did not work when cursor was in a table
– Add Office 2013 White theme for spreadsheet note (see Options->Editors)
– Remove Paint Mode option from Header Panel settings
– Remove Default Font option for Spreadsheet

20 March 2018, version 4.4.1

– Fix: Mixed up align center icon in Richview note
– Fix file location of source code print settings

18 March 2018, version 4.4.0

– New Flat application icons (see View->Toolbars)
– Flat icons size can be set to 16px or 24px (Classic icons are only available in 16px)
– Add option to change Toolbar font size (see View->Toolbars)
– Add option to control movement of cursor after press ENTER in Spreadsheet note
– Fix: Upgrading an existing spreadsheet did not include hyperlink text
– Fix: Processing of date values in Spreadsheet note was broken in previous version

8 March 2018, version 4.3.2

– Fix: Import files was not working correctly since 4.3
– Fix: An error would occur when loading settings with certain Regional settings
– Fix: Change shortcut key for Focus the Outline to Shift+F8 (Ctrl+F8 is already used for Paste Style)
– Change: If a file is password protected then DB and Fast search will ignore the “Include Protected” option, and search for all notes using DB search.

27 February 2018, version 4.3.1

– Fix Ctrl+Up/Down behaviour in Richview note
– Fix: Some formulas would not be calculated when upgrading an old spreadsheet
– Fix: Pressing ESC while editing a spreadsheet cell would cause the application to minimize instead of ending the edit
– Fix: Some tree action shortcuts would not work if the editor had focus
– Fix: Check for updates incorrectly reports “no internet connection detected”
– Fix: Clip to new note would not show the content of the new note if the “move to new note” option was checked
– Fix: App would crash on opening a new file if Copernic Desktop Search was running

22 February 2018, version 4.3.0

– New spreadsheet note type:
Supports multiple sheets
Excel like behaviour (no row/column count)
Improved MS Excel import/export
Import/export of xls and xlsx
– New source code note type:
Over 50 highlighters
Ability to define your own highlighters
Modern color schemes like Monokai
Some useful functions like block selection, sort lines and minimap
– New theme engine with a selection of beautiful themes including a dark theme
– Full unicode support
– Improvements to richview note type:
Added footnote and endnote actions
Alternate colors for rows/columns
Smooth image scaling
Various fixes and performance improvements
– Update database version to 25
– Fixed web capture for https web sites
– Note: The source code note is no longer available in the freeware version

17 January 2018, version 4.2.7

– Add Cut Selection action to Note Header Panel
– Add option to save incrementally when importing a large Scrapbook folder
– Fix: Save note content before applying Read Only property
– Fix: Note content would be lost in the popup note viewer if tags where previously added and auto save tags was set to true.
– Fix: Re-show tag results when click on the same tag
– A few other fixes

12 December 2017, version 4.2.6

– Fix download of images from certain sites
– Add option (under Tools->Options->Tree Options) to not edit note caption when click on a tree node (You can still edit the node using the Space key)

6 December 2017, version 4.2.5

– Fix for web capture in Firefox Quantum

15 November 2017, version 4.2.4

– Fix: Web capture and bookmarks stopped working in latest Firefox (v57)
– Fix: keep text selection when insert Quick Hyperlink in Richview note
– Fix restore app position when move from a dual monitor setup to a single monitor
– Fixed bug in sort subtree

25 September 2017, version 4.2.3

– Fix: Some Richview dialogs were broken in previous release

19 September 2017, version 4.2.2

– Fix error when delete first tag
– Attempt to fix some sporadic access violations

10 September 2017, version 4.2.1

– Fix: In some cases the editor menu items were not populated
– Some small fixes

6 September 2017, version 4.2.0

– New feature: Reworked tags user interface
– New tags dock panel in tree side bar
– New center panel to show tag search results
– Much simpler and more intuitive method to show combined tag search results (i.e tag intersections) (Pro version only)
– Enhancement: Custom colors are now centralised and saved between user sessions
– Fix: Remove empty tag after rename folder tag (note), or remove folder property
– Fix: When adding a new table, the cell font follows the current font
– Fix: Change behaviour in RichView editor for Ctrl+Down and Ctrl+Up
– Fix: Sort subtree was broken in recent release

15 August 2017, version 4.1.0

– New feature: Outline note type (Pro version only)
– New feature: Task list note type (Pro version only)
– Added help topics: Outline note type, Printing or exporting an outline
– Added Focus the Outline action (View menu)
– Rework layout of Tree properties dialog
– Added settings for outline note (Tools->Options->Editors)
– Add warning before flatten tree
– Display warning if source url was not obtained when adding a bookmark
– Updated dialog to add a new journal note
– Expanded/collapsed state of year/month Journal nodes is now preserved
– Hoist state is preserved between sessions
– Added “Set URL Address” menu item in Caption Panel popup menu
– Fix: List of recently used files was not working if application was installed in non C drive
– A number of smaller fixes

8 June 2017, version 4.0.3

– Add action to Show/Hide notebook tabs (under View menu)
– Add help topic: Resource panel & toolbars->Hiding notebook tabs
– Add action to Remove all images in Richview note (under Insert menu)
– Notebook is now saved during the import of a large number of files for improved reliability & stability
– Show error log after file import if any errors occurred during the import
– Add Clipper log (See help topic: Clipper->Clipper log)
– Bug reports can now be sent directly over the internet without the need for an email program
– Fix in tree when import files from Explorer via drag ‘n drop
– Some small fixes

16 May 2017, version 4.0.2

– Add support for Webpage and Bookmark capture from MS Edge browser
– Fix: Bookmark thumbnail would be black when capture from Chrome on Windows 10
– Fix scaling issue when using the screen capture tool on Windows 10 with a scaling factor set
– Fix: Unicode characters in note captions would convert to question marks in some cases (since 4.0.1)
– Remove show warning if certain global hotkeys could not be assigned
– Change the default global hotkeys for: Clip to New Note, Clip to Current Note and Webpage Capture, so that they do not overlap with pre-defined hotkeys of Windows 8 & 10
– Some fixes in the Calendar view

2 April 2017, version 4.0.1

– Fix license display in About dialog
– Fix in tree for non-Journal mode

26 March 2017, version 4.0.0

– New Journal Feature (Pro version)
– See Help topic for more details: Main Topics -> Assorted Topics -> Journal
– Change: Evernote sync is now only part of the Pro version
– Fix: Clipper/paste from webpage was not working for some people on Win 10
– Fix: Handle error when include a single ” in the search term
– A few other fixes

20 December 2016, version 3.6.1

– New: The RightNote installer and application are now signed with a Code Signing Certificate. This will avert security warnings from Windows or Anti-Virus programs
– Add Read Only actions in the tree under Protection
– Combine Print, Print Preview and Print Options into a single dialog for easier use
– Added “Include Tree Path” above/below note caption option, for export or print
– Added &F special character option to be included in the print header/footer, which denotes the current RightNote filename
– Updated help topic: File Functions -> Printing
– Fix: Export merged file to docx did not work in some cases
– Fix: Current node in the tree could go out of view when navigating via the keyboard
– Fix: Import from Scrapbook would combine absolute links with the base local folder resulting in non-functional links

2 December 2016, version 3.6.0

– New feature: Favorite notes
– See help topic for more info: Main topics->File functions->Favorite notes
– Some re-structuring of the help file
– Change default hotkey for Favorite notebooks dialog to F12
– Add recent notes history dropdown to tree toolbar
– Significant speed improvement to loading external note (i.e. viewing a note from a search result when that notebook is not currently open)

7 August 2016, version 3.5.6

– Added note count column in Evernote Manager
– Replace global search combobox with an edit control
– Increased Options->Search->”Limit displayed results” option to maximum of 10000. If set to 0, all results are shown
– Fix: Prevent desktop icons from refreshing on program start
– Fix: Error would occur during Evernote sync or save if one moved to another application
– Fix problem when downloading certain https webpages

10 June 2016, version 3.5.5

– Added: If you hide thumbnails in the side-by-side view, note content will not be loaded for display. This makes moving Evernote notes within the tree or between pages alot easier.
– Fix: Evernote reminders would incorrectly be created in Web/Android versions.
– See help topic: Issues->Evernote reminders automatically created in Web/Android client, for more details
– Fix: Error syncing an Evernote note that contained any spaces at the beginning or end of the note caption
– Fix: Convert Richedit note to Evernote note type
– Some other fixes

5 April 2016, version 3.5.4

– Fix: Allow paste (ctrl+v) into note caption editbox in header panel

6 March 2016, version 3.5.3

– Fix: DateTime picker in Reminder dialog did not handle date in dd-MMM-yy format
– Fix: Error loading certain documents in Richview note

23 February 2016, version 3.5.2
– Important fix to a page protection bug that was introduced in v3.2.0 (see Help file: Issues->Encryption issue and fix)
– Fix to desktop installer (in some cases the dictionary and icon files were missing)
– Webpage capture and bookmark clip now works with Opera browser (requires .net framework v4)
– Add support for importing html documents with charset=”unicode”
– Add support to import node date from KeyNote file (present in v1.6.9 only)

27 January 2016, version 3.5.1

– Fix: Problem loading notes that contained specific type of image (since last version)

24 January 2016, version 3.5.0

– New: Simple reminder feature compatible with Evernote reminders
– Added help topic: Reminders
– Note caption can now be edited directly in the header panel
– A few bug fixes

15 December 2015, version 3.4.1

– Add setting to bypass checks for file modifications on NAS drive (see Options->Auto Save)
– Merge default editor font setting (Options->Default Editor) with first style setting.
– Some fixes

19 November 2015, version 3.4.0

– Add “Apply Code Highlighter” action for Richview notes (under Format menu).
– Add “Read Only” property for notes. (under Note Properties)
– Date created and date modified attributes are now available for editing under Note Properties.
– Add the ability to drag and drop a note (and it’s subtree) from the main tree to the Folder Tree. (This is an easy way to re-organise parts of the tree).
– The program now stores the width of the Folder Tree
– Double click on an Evernote attachment image now opens the file. Note: Files cannot be edited.
– Add help topic: How to share a file between multiple computers (under FAQ)
– A few fixes

6 August 2015, version 3.3.1

– When exporting to a merged file or print, there is now an option to indent note content according to the relative level of the notes in the tree. See help topic “Import/Export->Exporting” for more info.
– Fix internal links for Exported Webbook (requires full re-export)
– Add right-click action to copy URL of link in the Header Panel
– Add 2 special edit functions to Richview note (Edit menu): Change Soft-breaks to Hard-breaks, and vice versa. (Applies to selection or whole document)
– 2 New Themes: Damsoka and Professional
– Fix error when opening file
– Some other fixes

2 June 2015, version 3.3.0

– The Evernote integration feature now requires v4 of the .NET Framework. This is usually already installed on Windows 7/8
– Fix some display issues of images in the Evernote note type
– Add auto save after add/remove tags option (Options->Autosave)
– A few other fixes

26 April 2015, version 3.2.3

– Evernote sync was not enabled in all places for freeware version
– Fix: An error would occur when opening the note viewer in multi-notebook search
– Fix: An error would occur when select tag in tag list and only showing tags for current page
– Fix: When delete text of a hyperlink in Richview note, the link info would not be removed

25 March 2015, version 3.2.2

– Fix: Creating internal links was not working correctly (since 3.2.0)

23 March 2015, version 3.2.1

– Fix: Favorites toolbar did not store drop down option
– Fix: Opening an attachment resulted in an error (since previous version)
– Add help topic: Creating a new Evernote notebook

19 March 2015, version 3.2.0

– New feature: Export to web-based and mobile-based webbook (pro version)
– Evernote sync feature is now included in all versions of RightNote including freeware version
– Added toolbar options to hide Evernote toolbar buttons (see View->Toolbars)
– Added option to display favorite notebooks as drop down list (File->Favorites->Options)
– Fast search mode now correctly handles case insensitive search for unicode characters (file cleanup required on existing files)
– Fix in idle time monitor (for auto-save and auto-minimize options)
– Added help topic: Export to Webbook
– Updated database version
– A few other fixes

10 February 2015, version 3.1.5

– Important Fix: Error would occur if cut more than once before pasting (in tree)
– Fix: Bug introduced in previous version where tree right-click menu would sometimes not show
– A few other fixes

18 January 2015, version 3.1.4

– Added: In Richview note, Tab key increases list indent, Shift+Tab decreases indent
– Change hotkey to focus tree to F8 (was Shift+Tab)
– Change hotkey to filter tree to Shift+Ctrl+F
– Fix: prevent tree splitter from becoming stuck at closed position
– A few other fixes

29 October 2014, version 3.1.3

– Fix: Add word to custom dictionary was not working since v3.1.1
– Custom words are now saved to a single file (named customdic.txt)
– Fix: Expand/Collapse subtree was not working correctly

27 August 2014, version 3.1.2

– Add drop down button for notebook tabs when the scroller buttons are showing
– Improved error reporting when export to .doc format
– Add Expand/Collapse menu item in tree right-click menu
– Fix: error would occur when opening the Richview List Defaults dialog
– Fix: Font size button not working since previous release
– Add help topics: Unique feature highlights; FAQ section: Maximum and recommended database size

19 August 2014, version 3.1.1

– Add ability to import TreePad .hjt files (including images)
– Important update to spell check engine
– Add support to live spell check unicode text (for e.g. Russian text)
– Remove setup of a separate custom dictionary for each standard dictionary. Now there is only one custom dictionary.
– Improved import of html files.
– Add ability to export to new MS Word format (.docx) natively (i.e. Microsoft Office or Office converters do not need to be installed on the computer).
– Add ability to export spreadsheets to new Excel format (.xlsx)
– Add default column width setting for spreadsheets (in Options->Editors->Spreadsheet, and also in spreadsheet note under Table->Grid Properties)
– Add ability to lock the main toolbars (View->Toolbars)

30 June 2014, version 3.1.0

– New Feature: Tree filter. Press Ctrl+F when tree has focus
– Add ability to set font for page tabs (See Options->Notebook->Pages)
– Add: Hide empty tags option in Tags panel
– Add: Delete empty tags action in Tags panel
– Add Open button in Favorites dialog. You can now open a favorite file from the main screen using keyboard shortcuts: Alt+F, F, select file, Enter.
– Fix: Note history tracking did not work properly
– Fix: Add some handling for when richview ruler margin settings would get messed up
– Fix: Using a sync period in the Evernote settings could result in an error
– Some other fixes

29 January 2014, version 3.0.9

– Fix: If set Evernote note to not sync, then a duplicate note would be added during the next sync
– Change: No longer sync the currently opened notebook during “Sync All” if it is not included in the Evernote Account Manager settings

22 January 2014, version 3.0.7

– Fix: problem when generating table of contents in an Evernote note
– Fix: “File modified by another application…” dialog would sometimes incorrectly show after an Evernote sync
– Fix: error when try to import folder via drag ‘n drop

13 January 2014, version 3.0.6

– Added error handling for Evernote sync
– Added help instructions in Evernote Manager
– Added help topic: Evernote sync rate limits
– Added “Sync all notebooks” option for an Evernote account
– Added Tag-tree display in Side by side view
– Added clipping support for Pale Moon web browser
– Change: Evernote sync icon now performs “Sync All”
– Fix: Tray icon would not follow show/hide settings
– Fix: Tray icon would always show in taskbar on Windows7/8
– Adjust some fonts for larger DPI setting

10 October 2013, version 3.0.5

– Fix: Webpage and bookmark capture was broken in recent versions of Chrome (28+), now fixed (although it is slower)
– Fix: Improved unicode support for importing from rtf or keynote files
– Fix: Could not undo after paste clip into Richview note (introduced in previous version)

1 September 2013, version 3.0.4

– Some fixes to handle Evernote sync with Chinese regional setting
– Change RichEdit note icon to be more distinguishable from the Richview icon
– Add clipper option: Move focus to new note when add new clip
– Fix: When importing files and folders, a folder would be replaced with file contents if the filename matched even part of the folder name.
– Add import option (Options->Main->Import): Replace folder with same name file if exists
– Fix: Pasting multiple clips into a Richview note would get slower and slower unless move to a different note

9 August 2013, version 3.0.3

– Fix: Tree did not refresh after perform a single file sync (introduced in 3.0.2).
– Fix: When convert a note to a spreadsheet note it did not take on default spreadsheet font
– Updated help file

8 August 2013, version 3.0.2

– Important fix: Evernote Sync was not working properly for single file sync (since 3.0.0)
– Added: Insert table of contents action for Evernote note type
– Fix: Minimize high CPU usage for webpage note

4 August 2013, version 3.0.1

– Fix: Error would occur when opening/cleanup a password protected file.

31 July 2013, version 3.0.0

– New Feature: Evernote (Account) Manager makes it easy to work/sync with multiple Evernote accounts and notebooks.
– Fix a number of dialogs for high resolution display
– Change sync inbox page caption to “Sync Inbox”. This can be changed under Options->Editors->Evernote.
– The “Evernote Integration->Getting Started” help topic was re-written for the new Evernote Manager.
– Added help topics: Token security, Warnings and precautions, Additional way to link a notebook, and Notes for upgrading from v2.

4 July 2013, version 2.9.0

– Added support for search text of premium Evernote attachment file types (such as .doc, .xls)
– Added support for Evernote reminders (only internally, i.e. data will not be lost during sync, however it is not displayed)
– Added “Stop” button for Evernote sync progress dialog
– Fix: Print/Merge spreadsheet now preserves cell alignment correctly
– Fix: “Floating point division by zero” error that could occur in webpage or Evernote note types
– A number of bug fixes

11 March 2013, version 2.8.0

– Further improvements to Evernote Sync:
– Sync is now complete: Notes in Evernote will be added to RightNote notebook
– Important: Deleting a note in RightNote will delete the note in Evernote and vice versa
– You can now search for text in images in Evernote notes (that are synced with the service)
– Handle moving Evernote notes from one notebook to another
– Add ability to paste an image into an Evernote note from the clipboard
– Add “Open in Evernote” action
– Add option to clip to Evernote note type (in Clipper Options)
– Improved compatibility with Evernote data format
– Add “Select in Tree” action in Tags Panel (right-click menu)
– Change: when update a notebook to a newer db version, the created backup file is stored in the backup folder (added setting)
– Add help topics: Why use Evernote, The sync process, Organising added notes, Editing web clips, Clip to Evernote note.
– Attempt to fix issue where chinese characters would sometimes not display correctly in page tabs
– A number of other fixes

2 January 2013, version 2.7.0

– New feature: Add ability to select multiple notes and apply tree actions
– Add option to hide folder panel (under View menu)
– Fix: painting issue in tag drop down list (in note tags dialog)
– Fix: Keep original creation date when copy or move note
– Fix: Implemented search caption only option (previously did not work)
– Fix: Content panel did not resize properly on Win x64

A more detailed release history can be seen from within the application under Help->What’s New.