RightNote Testimonials

Sincere thanks to those users who have sent in feedback expressing their enthusiam for RightNote and describing how RightNote has helped them organise and handle information more efficiently. Thank you for your support!

Also, thanks to those users who have sent in valuable feature suggestions and bug reports. This feedback has helped improve the application in significant ways. Thank you!



I am writing a note of thanks for the RightNote program. I have tried more organizing programs over the past 20 years than I could begin to count (not kidding) and have rarely used them longer than a month.  RightNote is helping me work, organize important data, and finally write that book I have been putting off for years. RightNote is truly a blessing. Somehow you have captured some of the best features in an organizer… simple and intuitive to use, visually appealing, not bloated, and having many features that help me focus on the topic not on the software.

Here are some of my favorite parts of RightNote: For starters – lightweight, stable, easy to use. Extras- Great search feature, tagging options, visual display options, shortcuts, and navigation simplicity.”

– Grant

“Once again I must confess how happy I am with RightNote. I must also add that I still use RightNote every day, and have extended the use to include project information, recipes for my wife and general notes that would normally end up lying around and getting lost.”

– Haydn Langley

“I really appreciate the popup window keyboard paste working now, as well as switching pages via the keyboard. I’m also enjoying your password protection functionality (very nice), and fully appreciate your release history being fairly descriptive.

All in all, thank you for your work on this. It’s an excellent application!”

– Keith D Commiskey


“After switching to Rightnote for a week now I must say, I’m absolutely impressed. It’s rock stable and filled with exactly the set of features which were missing from Keynote without making Rightnote bloated.”

– Patrick Erler


“I was looking for a tool for managing my work-related notes in a logical and easy to access way for about a year and it was a nightmare. I tried about 5 different tools but none really met my needs the way RightNote does. The smooth support provided by the developer is a very nice addition to that. Thanks for making my life easier!”

– Jan Dusek

“The combination of Spreadsheet and Notebook, combined with Tabs, is something I was looking for all my life. Further more the program has all the features a busy person like me needs to get things done, very easy to use. At last I can organize my work as it should be organized. Bravo!

– Lajos Luif


“First of all congratulation for your very powerful software you created with RightNote. Since a very long time I searched  in the world wide web for such a tool…”

– Friedhelm Wagener

“As a software developer, web designer, Bible college instructor, film buff, and author, I find RightNote to be a tool that is flexible enough to handle all of my interests.  It interconnects those interests in ways that aren’t initially obvious. RightNote’s power, flexibilty, and low memory requirements singlehandedly makes any netbook a premiere research assistant.”

– Tom Perconti

“I use RightNote every day at work to keep track of useful information.  It has been a great alternative to using a traditional paper NoteBook.  Gone are the days of flicking through pages of notebook, trying to find something you can remember writing down, but can’t find.  RightNote’s search feature makes finding things a breeze.  For personal notes I believe RightNote is much better and easier to use than a personal wiki.   The user interface is clean, well presented and has good keyboard shortcuts that make adding notes very quick and easy.”

– Blair Wallace


“Rightnote is a reliable and robust successor to Keynote. I was able to easily import all my notes, addresses, passwords, and lists into one Rightnote file, all the while ensuring strong security for sensitive information, and effortless access for the rest…”

“I like this program very, very much. I use it everyday day and am delighted with the features.”

– Steven Barnes


“RightNote is an excellent tool for managing a large volume of varying types of information in a way that is both centralized and retrievable. It supports rigid organizational structure but doesn’t require it–its search feature makes the contents of deeply nested notes as findable as those of a flat file. It’s great for organizing notes, agendas, computer code snippets, and more. With RightNote I converted hundreds of pieces of scratch paper and scattered computer files into a single organized digital archive that can be easily searched, carried on a thumb drive, backed up, and secured with a password and file encryption. My notes are accessible, portable, safe, and secure.”

–       Travis Carden