Compare Advance Release History

1 November 2016, version 1.5.0

– An update! :), with the following improvements and changes:
– No longer use a summary node for different files. Instead show file properties (i.e. size and date) for both folders side by side
– Save application position and dimensions
– Improvements to Copy dialog
– Some improvements to popup menu
– Replace some icons
– Move some project options from the comparison page to the options page
– Fix some display glitches
– Add a portable version
– Remove shell integration
– Some bug fixes

16 October 2013, version 1.4.2

– Add Include Same in Overview option (Display setting)

31 July 2013, version 1.4.1

– Fix AV that would occur when close program in Windows 8
– Change default width of various panels and columns

26 April 2012, version 1.4.0

– Fixes to “Folder Select dialog” to handle large DPI font setting
– Fix bug where “AV in module ntdll.dll” error message would occur on some systems
– Add Swap Folders button