• Yes Evernote is your external Brain - But what about your Brain?

    Evernote in a Tree

    Organise your Evernote notes in a logical tree structure so that you can improve your memory, learn and understand your notes more easily, and also present and display them to others in a way that makes sense.

Evernote in a Tree

Evernote is Great to

  • Gather, collect and store any type of information or notes from anywhere.
  • View and access your notes on any device or web browser.
  • Loosely group your notes together via notebooks and tags.
  • Quickly and easily find notes
  • Benefit from the huge number of third-party integrations and add-ons.

RightNote Helps you to

  • Organise your notes into a logical layout and structure.
  • Improve your memory and learn your notes more easily.
  • Improve your knowledge and insight by getting an overview of your notes.
  • Separate more important notes from less important ones.
  • Collate, compile and organise your notes into a solid knowledge base.
  • Present or teach your notes to others more easily.

We have prepared a few short videos to help you get started…

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