RightNote Version Comparisons

– Rich text note includes a pre-defined styles tool as well as text highlighting tools.
– Includes the following note types:
– Rich text note which supports basic text formatting capabilities (like Wordpad)
– Source code note – includes highlighters for many common programming languages
– Memo note for plain text notes
– Link note type – quick and easy access to related files on your hard-disk
– Live search: see search results as you type.
– Highlighted search results: Easily see which search result to focus on.
NEW: Folder notes and folder tree to easily navigate large trees.
NEW: Auto-tagging: Folder notes and their sub notes automatically get tagged with the folder caption
– Note protection: encrypt content of selected notes with industry standard AES encryption.
– Includes huge icon collection (for tree nodes and tags) as well as ability to add your own icons.
– Powerful tagging system allows you to classify your notes in varying ways.
– Assign icons to tags so that notes in the tree can be highlighted and “stand out”
– Import and export notes to common formats
– Favorites toolbar for quick access to frequently used files.
– Easily transfer pages and notes between files using the page transfer and floating tree tools
– Screen capture tool allows you to save screen clips into your notes.
– Clip plain text from other applications into RightNote with global clipper hotkey.
– Portable (USB) and installable versions available.
– Free for both personal and commercial use.
– Rich view note type: supports advanced text editing capabilites including multiple image support, advanced table support, advanced paragraph layout and formatting, pre-defined text and paragraph style tools
– Spell checker (for Rich view note)
– Spreadsheet note type: supports most excel functions, ability to sort columns, fill command, fixed header row, merge/split cells, cell comments, cell links and images
– Import from and export to MS Excel files
– Create links to other notes (Richview and spreadsheet notes)
– Attachment note type – store any type of file in a RightNote database (file)
– Advanced clipper functionality: include styles and images in clips from webpages
NEW: Hoist tree function (focus on only a part of the tree: makes it easier to work with a segment of the tree)
– Index contents of attachment and link note types. Support for txt, rtf, htm, html, pdf, doc, docx, csv, xls and xlsx file types.
– Multi-note book search: search through all your notebooks instantly.
– Save webpages to a webpage note.
– Export notes to both web-based and mobile-based webbooks.
– Side by side view: easily transfer notes between pages in the same or different notebooks.
– Evernote Sync – full support for all Evernote note elements, including images, checkboxes, locks and attachments. Access selected notes from any mobile device, desktop (Mac/Windows) or browser.
– Evernote Account Manager makes it easy for you to sync multiple Evernote accounts and notebooks with RightNote.
COOL: Journal feature
COOL: Outline note type
COOL: Task list note type
– Global tag search. Search for tags across all your notebooks.
– Global note history. See recently used notes across all your notebooks.
– Insert Youtube Playlist (into Richview or Spreadsheet note)
NEW: Split Tree & Side Trees