Compare Advance Full feature List

  • Unique “Archive Folder” technology allows you to exclude from a synchronization or backup, folders that are simply unzipped archive files, in some cases saving you many megabytes of disk space. You can even include any differences that may exist between the folder and zip file.
  • Ability to include or exclude specific sub-folders when selecting a main folder.
  • A Folder Statistics pane which gives you summary information about the similarities and differences between the two folders, and also updates itself after every copy or delete operation.
  • Flexible file and folder display views to suit your taste or needs, including list, tree and explorer views. Ability to sort file lists according to column headers.
  • Folder icon coloring, gives useful information about the compare status of each folder.
  • The differences between files that are “mismatched” (i.e. common to both folders but having different sizes, timestamps or binary data) are summarized and highlighted in a unique way, that makes it very easy to see what the differences are.
  • The ability to use checkboxes for selecting which files to use in an operation and the ability to hide or filter specific files or folders gives you fine control and ease of use for common file copy and delete tasks.
  • Side-by-side folder selection dialog makes it easy to see what folders are available even before you start a comparison.
  • Advanced synchronize, backup and mirror dialog makes it easy to see which, and how many files will be involved in each of the above operations.
  • Ability to seamlessly compare normal disk folders, zip files or folderprints (folder snapshots).
  • Ability to seamlessly synchronize and backup between normal disk folders and zip files.
  • Ability to save reports of basic folder contents or comparison results in text or HTML formats. Also save a folder snapshot to be used in future comparisons.
  • Detailed log information and error notification after every copy or delete operation.
  • Detailed help manual that not only gives detailed information about each part of the program, but also explains the basic concepts of how the program works.

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