RightNote Pricing

A single user license costs $29.95 for RightNote v3 Standard and $59.95 for RightNote v3 Professional. Discounts apply for larger orders and will be applied automatically during the order process. Upgrading at a later point from a Standard to a Professional License costs $29.95.

Customers who purchased a v2 license more than 12 months ago, can purchase an upgrade license from here. An upgrade license costs $29.95, which is 50% off the price of a new (Pro) license.

After purchasing the product you will be sent an email with a registration code (serial number) that unlocks the trial version, and allows you to continue using the program. Registered users receive free minor version upgrades (i.e. all updates to v3.x.x) as well as priority support.

Payment is made via MyCommerce who provides safe and secure handling of the transaction.

[Note: MyCommerce offers an extended download service for all their products. This service costs a few extra dollars and allows you to download the product for an extended period from MyCommerce servers. If you don’t want or need this extra service you can safely remove it from the Basket contents on the Order Form that follows.]